If you want an item(s) shipped:

We will then drop your winning bids to FedEx(free of charge) 


Q. How do I get Shipping Estimates? 

A. Through your FedEx Account or on their page HERE

Q. What items can be shipped?

A. It depends on the items we are selling, if it would fit into a 24x24 box we most likely can ship that. But we will identify ALL lots that we could ship during the LIVE video auction, indicated by a flashing SHIPPING AVAILABLE

Q: Besides FedEx, what other options are available? 

A: This is the only way we ship items! Shipping and packaging costs will be billed by FedEx to your FedEx account. 

*Crossroads will NOT be liable for any damage that could occur in shipping, once it leaves our facility it is between you and Fedex to resolve any shipping disputes.