About Us

Just a little about The Deacons

Jim & Joyce Deacons have the auction business "in their blood"!

One might say they were born into the auction trade. Jim & Joyce are both children of talented & seasoned auctioneers and grew up in the fast-paced excitement of an auction house. When you are raised in an auction family you could form several different feelings towards the lifestyle. There are two very different feelings that sparked for Jim & Joyce…. Jim found the fire and love for the trade and followed in his “Old Man’s Footsteps”. Joyce, on the other hand, was running in any direction that she didn’t hear a voice quickly rattling off dollar amounts & the quick, sharp “YUP” from the ring man position somewhere in the group of battling bidder paddles that raised across an auction floor.

Growing up, the last thing Joyce longed for was to raise her children in that fast auction world. She did not long to marry a quick-tongued auctioneer and manage her hours between raising her boys, building her home, and an auction house. Especially not an auction house she owned. But then she heard Jim auctioneer….out in front of the crowd, enticing the highest bid between dueling bidders. …. She was hooked. Something about the sound of Jim’s voice as he rattled off dollar figures with a gavel in his hand, the way he controlled the room…. SHE LOVED IT AND COULDN’T GET ENOUGH.

The Deacons opened Crossroads Auction Center in August 2001.

Together, Jim & Joyce have endured the trials and tribulations any new business brings.

What kind of auctions do we hold? Do we offer other services when we are not holding auctions? When should we schedule auctions & how many auctions should we host in a month? How many auctions do we NEED to host in a month? How many people do we need to staff our auction house? What can our 2 boys do to help and be involved? Will our 2 boys want to help and be involved? Which one of them will want to be an auctioneer & sit right next to dad at the podium? What is the best way to spread the word of our new business adventure? How do we stand out from other auction companies in the community? How do we balance this all with raising 2 boys of our own, not to mention their families as they grow?

Well, since 2001, Jim & Joyce have successfully answered all those questions and hundreds more. You can see their sons racing around during all the auction action as ring men, auctioneers, and many other behind the scenes positions that keep auction day running. They have welcomed the additions of grandchildren to the Deacons Clan as well as some of the new staff you can see throughout Crossroads Auction Center. The success of their adventure can be seen any time you come through the doors at 988 County Route 37 in Central Square, NY and make no mistake….

The Deacons Family plan to bring many more years of